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I was thinking about buying a prosthetic hand when some people nearby started to inquire on the stats of the hands and eyes of Vader and Palpatine, Squire appeared and asked if they were being sold, where some sort of lizardman wizard revealed he owned part of Plagiuses left big toenail, he the offered to sell his Maul legs, I then inquired, completely legitimately, just to help any future investigation, if he had any others and he revealed that he won then from a shady guy in a trench coat, who had crazy grey hair, carried a stick and had dark blue eyes. He then stole my antique pineapple trilobite replacement shells, and received several offers on the legs, I believe the wizard who was a lizard man revealed he was collecting Maul's legs, while a good person revealed that he owned pieces of a failed jedi and the nameplate of one Jedi Oboe-wand Ken-no-buy.

I hope my information proves useful and helpful in finding the unredeemably evil wizard and Squire, who are the only people involved who have done anything illegal and anything they say otherwise is slander.
*I do believe that you mean LizardFOLK.

*Immediatly shoves jar full of Asaaj Ventress's kidney stones underneath bed.*