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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXVII: Highlighting the Contrasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Razgriez View Post
    Captains in Phobos Armor (Elite Expansion): Do they finally get +1 Attack with their "Close Combat Weapon"
    Yes. Old wargear entries (including the Scouts' and Reiver's combat knives) were not reprinted because they were redundant. Otherwise the captain's bolt pistol wouldn't do anything at all, either.

    Quote Originally Posted by 9mm View Post
    to be fair its not like they need buffs in kill team anyway.
    There's a case to be made that they needed a buff pre-elites, but that was more due to limited access to special weapons. Which elites fixed. But Assault Bolters weren't hurting as hard (Since, as a side-grade at best to the bolt rifle, Kill team sensibly made them free), and the vanguard primaris stuff has its own prices in Kill team that would need to be adjusted. Stalker bolt rifles are left in a bad place, but the Intercessor Sergeant is the main draw anyway, and his power sword means the other guns are better choices, so I wouldn't call the changes high priority.

    As for the new options... Incursors' ability could be problematic in a game as rife with to-hit penalties as kill team*, the Infiltrator comms array wouldn't translate well, and would probably just end up being a comms specialist tax like the helix axept. That leaves Reaver Lieutenants, and... meh. Lieutenants are for cheap strategist commanders. Spending more points on what's probably worse wargear than a power sword or assault bolter isn't a great plan.

    So I guess it's mildly annoying, but it would have meant errata'ing the point costs, and digging through 3 books when building a roster is annoying enough as is.

    *E.G. With use of melt into shadows and lurk, it's possible to make an opponent suffer a -5 penalty to hit Deathleaper at long range
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