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Oh, he is dead, sure enough, but I don't see the Jedi giving him a tomb on Korriban Moraband.
Istanbul, Constantinople. Korriban, Moraband. Tython, Ach-to. Potato, tomato.

Anyway the unsustainable insanity of the Sith is, yes, 100% due to the genre, but I kind of like the tension it creates. You've got the True Believers like Kreia and Bane, who convince themselves that they're actually making the community stronger by purging weakness and encouraging struggle, and to some extent it's understandable that people find that appealing. We are both selfish and social animals, we love the idea that we can help our friends and family by indulging our personal desire for power or self-satisfaction. And then that philosophy inevitably promotes the rise of and and provides cover for folks like Vitiate or Palpatine, who genuinely don't care about "the Sith" or any other in-group at all and will happily burn the universe down as long as they can wrestle an empire out of the ashes. And they all have to exist in this very tenuous space where the True Believers can't ever realize the full implications of their philosophies and the other guys have to pretend they're True Believers in order to protect their power base among the True Believers, and it can make for some interesting storytelling.

Or for groups of fans that completely miss the point and think the good guys are jerks, the bad guys are justified and make perfect sense, and it's biased nonsense that the bad guy organization always falls apart, but that's not a phenomenon limited to Star Wars.