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Maria is not terrified of needles, but she does reconsider her fear of letting a blind person try to precision needle her veins. Next time he'll do it himself.

Maria's blood's thoughts largely consist of 'gettotheheart gettothearm gettotheheart gettothebrain gettotheheart gettothefoot gettotheheart'. It's the most generic thoughts blood has ever had.
The floofy scientist summarizes this result to Maria:"There. Healthy."

Now, before that weird interruption, she...what had Honeysuckle been doing again? Can't remember.
Oh well.
They definitely still need to look into the psychic aspect of things. She can read up on that.

[Quarantine, many hours later]
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Several hours later, once the sleep-spell wears off, Juleka wakes up.

Now that she's no longer near that leaking-magic source, plants no longer grow from her blood. Presumably, they've discovered by now that both the jacket and the glasses frames are attached to her and part of her, and discovered (and stopped) the sources of the bleeding. And cleared out all those flowers and grass. And locked her up. And put her in quarantine. And everything else.

Now awake, she looks up and around her. "H-hello? Can someone let me out? I'm feeling better now, I swear."
It takes a long time after Julie wakes up before Honeysuckle comes by. Maybe another fourteen hours.
She has things to do!

But if no one has helped Juleka escape in that time, she'll eventually check in.