[Quarantine, 14 hours later]

Juleka is bored out of her skull. After waking up, she's been in here for who knows how long and has long since given up ever getting out.

She is wearing a hospital gown, the leather jacket, and the lensless glasses. Other than that, she appears entirely normal, with no plants or knife-fingers.
Next to her are several random objects, though. A knife, a five ivory billiards balls, a bone flute, a tambourine made of bone and leather and metal, a skull, a chitin manacle-and-key, and a broken wine glass. No obvious clues as to how Julie got all of those to her.

She hears the furry scientist approaching. "Heeeeey," Juliet says. "Can I be let out now? I apologize for what I did before, and I'm feeling better now so it's okay, and you can even check - that nurse earlier said I was fine and just need to sign the papers to be let out but then there was some other emergency so they had to run out and forgot to get me the papers," she lies.