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Cam Room

Felandria goes to the nearby coffee maker and pours a nice cup of coffee.

Once Nurse arrives in the room, Fel will hand it to her.

Greetings, Nurse.

Id like you to meet Mr. C, he needs nursing.
Cam Room

Righht then one of the chairs turn around in those James BBond styles when the villian leader faces the hero. Even the james bond music is playing. At first glance the chair is empty, but then she might see the little green creature. He's only 2-3 inches long has green skin that appears to be some kind of cloth just like stuffed animals got it. A yellow crage makes it appear like a cameleon. just with little paws instead of thos reptilian feets. A monocle is right in front of his button like eye.

"I was waiting for you, Ms Nurse." he says ina deep voice. He caughts and spills blood with that. A small health bar appears above him which turns from yellow to red. he felt under 20%.