Stampede City
July 11th, 2019, 6:31pm MDT
Team Quarters


Assistant Jenny rolls her eyes expressively at the antics of the team, but Worth’s response makes her seem stoic in comparison.

"Whoah, hey there, save the antics for the show, kiddos!" he exclaims jovially, as if there weren’t cameras catching these events from several angles simultaneously. "Enjoy your food but settle down, we’ve got business to discuss." His tone makes it clear that this is Very Important Business that teenagers should be suitably impressed by.

"All right, let’s get started," Worth says cheerfully, pulling a remote out of his pocket and pointing it. The next panel cuts to the huge flatscreen TV down at the entertainment end of the room, which blips into life.

"Marketing has been hard at work, and the focus groups are showing a clear outlier," he enthuses, clearly at home with his buzzspeak. "You all are the first official team that will be covering Stampede City and the surrounding Kaninaskis area, and we wanted a team name that resonates with not only the mission, but the culture." He nods at Jenny, who taps at her tablet as he continues to speak.

"Ladies. Gentlemen." He doesn’t quite seem condescending as uses those terms, rather than ‘boys and girls’, but it’s not far off. "I present to you, your official team name!" Jenny swipes up on her tablet, and an image is cast to the big screen in bold red and white.

Wynert & Company
The Stampede City

Worth looks back and forth between the screen and the team with excited anticipation.

"Eh? Ehh? It incorporates the local western theming not only with the wording but the term itself works! You patrol the land, dealing with varmints and lawbreakers," he goes on dramatically, sweeping a hand slowly across the room as if you could see the frontier horizon that clearly exists somewhere in his mind. He grins, shoving his hands into his pockets for a moment. "Pretty yeet, right?" Jenny winces faintly, but says nothing.

"So! Logo design is in the works," Worth goes on cheerfully. "We know you kids like to express the whole individuality think with costumes, so we’ll just go with an appropriate badge or paint job to show some team unity. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of costumes and heroic identities," he adds, his smile widening as his gaze falls upon the eating contest, "have we got a proposal for you, Ezra!" Should he really look so…gleeful?

"We've been testing out some potential heroic identities on your behalf; we get that dealing with this isn't really your thing," Worth says with a touch of sympathy. "Something that ties together your heroic and [/i]savage[/i] sides." He lifts his chin at 'heroic' and actually holds up hands like claws for 'savage'.

"And what tested through the roof compared to the rest, you may ask?" he goes on...although no one has. "Picture this;" The producer spreads his hands dramatically. "From the deep northern wilds of Canada, bringing his own brand of justice to civilization, it's…The White Wolf!" He makes this pronouncement as if it is some great revelation.

"And before you say anything, we know you're not big on the whole idea of a costume. So we keep it simple, the badging, on a hoodie. We know you kids love your hoodies, right?," A gesture to Jenny has her swiping a new image up onto the big screen for everyone to take in.