I've been thinking on and off for months about getting back into Classic WoW, but in the end decided not to do it for several reasons.

First, I spent way too much time playing WoW back in the vanilla and BC eras, and getting back into it now would either result in very little time for the game or a negative impact on other parts of my life and, frankly, WoW isn't worth it. Plus, even if it didn't end up negatively impacting my job and health (which it almost certainly would) it would also mean shelving all of the other games and social activities I have too. As fun as raiding was at the time, I don't need to deal with "well, I can't do anything Tuesday and Thursday nights, cause those are raid nights"

Second, the lack of balance fixes. Vanilla WoW was horribly balanced between the classes, and I have no desire to go back into that "Well, you're an X so you must do Y" thing. I'm all for people doing whatever they can to help in a group fight, but hour(s) of spamming the same one or two abilities over and over and over, or alternatively having people screaming at you that you don't know how to play your class, I don't need that anymore. And then the terrible itemization in end-game gear if you try to do anything outside of the "stock" role. If we were looking at BC or Wrath where things were more balanced then it would be a more attractive proposition for me, but not vanilla.

Third, 40-man raids are awful. Just awful. Sure, there's an amazing epic feeling the first couple times, and then it devolves quickly into waiting around for ages for everyone to show up and then you've got a bunch of trolls or night elves jumping constantly like drugged up rabbits and shouting on vent (or I guess discord now). And don't get me started on waiting weeks if not months to get some drops because there's at least a half dozen other people who want the thing you want even if the boss happens to provide it. 20s were somewhat better, but even then a bit big for my taste and I've done ZG and AQ20 more than enough already. I really think many of the 10-man raids in later expansions were the best ones.

Now, you might say "well, you're just talking about the raids, there's plenty of other stuff", and I'm actually going to disagree there. There *was* plenty of other stuff, but not anymore, at least for me. I've no desire for PvP, both due to balance issues and the fact that you need either raid gear or to do a ridiculous grind if you don't want to get stomped. Professions, especially compared to BC and WotLK were pretty bad. The dungeons I mostly like but I've done them all a bunch of times both at release and since then and even then they still run into the problem that vanilla WoW is a solved game. Exploration, same thing, I've seen most of it and also as I said at the beginning if I don't spend tons of time in WoW there's plenty of other game worlds to explore as well. And the vanilla rep grinds were miserable. Screw you, furbolgs, I'm not doing that again!