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Except for Solo, we can all agree Solo sucked.
Sorry, we can't even agree on that.

I still love Star Wars movies. I really do! Even Solo, even episode 8, even the prequels with its Jar Jar and its midichlorians. Star Wars sets are gorgeous. The music is incredible. The practical effects are cutting edge and age very well.

The acting is even mostly good.

The writing is often marginal, but this is true even in the original trilogy. Boba Fett getting turned into a burp joke, the Wilhelm Scream being used for comedic effect, Luke's incessant whine - all present in the originals. We just overlook them because the experience was so incredible when we were kids, and we continue to love the movies enough to overlook this stuff.

Star Wars continues to make incredible vehicles and incredible weapons. The movies make my inner child want to grab a model of one of the space ships and make "pew! pew!" noises. This is the same wild glee I see on my nephew as he swings his toy lightsaber like he's trying to bust a pinata.

The kids watching these now - the age we were when we first saw them - are having a blast. If we no longer enjoy them, the fault lies in us.