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I didnt even consider that donkey to have stolen the ring! I feel ashamed of myself!

I'll try diplomacy next, its Tea Agony strong point...

But for that, just to make sure:

We understand that for that donkey, Celestia is a threat somehow to this country " balance and beauty ". If we promise to save the country right now from Empty Honor, would it serve her mission?

I am not sure why she kidnapped Celestia to begin with... or teh details of her missions. But I believe the fight above is more important right now.

Can we hear Empty Honor now that a hole as being made toward the roof?

EDIT: I think you mean part of the golden dragon is still on the roof while a portion of him is inside the building at the donkey commanded.
We have this thread.
Heh. Happy that I managed to surprise. I just hope I gave few fair hints/foreshadowings. At least I tried.

Well, Tailwind might have more context to Dokobashi's actions, because they had a nice talk over cup of tea about philosophy and etc.
So oocly, I can give a recap:
She mentioned that both Radiant Honor, and Sable Spirit are obssesed with a prophecy that hint that Sable Spirit's reign will end when "the radiant sun" will rise. They both were sure it means Radiant Honor.

But, Celestia as a noble filly with a mysteriouse origin who come right at such sensitive time- might be the one the prophecy talk about. That what Dokobashi said, and she gave Tailwind and Celestia a tip to be careful. Celestia mentioned her own prophecy, which strenghened Dokobashi's opinion, that Celestia might be the 'radiant sun".

During the battle at the dojo, Celestia was exposed as alicorn. At this point, Dokobashi was SURE, the prophecy talk about Celestia. Out of loyalty to Radiant Honor, she planned on killing her, but couldn't do it, so she tried to use a potion which will make her wings fall off.
Tailwind talked her out of this as well
But Dokoashi decided that Radiant Honor should decide the fate of Celestia.

It's up to you, how much of this Agony understand.

At this point I'll might my wonderful famouse crappy maps.
But no

A-gold dragon awaken
B- he float down the throne room.
C- starting to get to the right corridor where the action with Dokobashi happening