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Right, but I already know it has that problem, so pointing it out doesn't change anything.

What else do you have to say about it, if anything? Also, since shortening it is so important... how would I do so, without losing anything critical to the concept?
Hexproof seems unnecessary. The restriction on only being able to play wastes is too hard. Each of the sacrifice effects seem like they could be on a card on their own. The win seems unnecessary, if you can tutor for that many lands you can probably find Inkmoth Nexus+Kessig Wolfrun or Dark Depths+Thespian Stage to win you the game.

If you play it with only wastes in play it takes 21 turns to win with it, and an overall investment of 45 mana. Maze's End is a slow win condition, this is absurd.
It is however probably too strong a win condition if you just wait until you have five legendary lands. It can even sacrifice itself.

It also wants you to play way more lands than would be feasible in a 60 card deck if you intend to seach the entire chain.

Boundless Wastes
Legendary Land - M
T: Add C
2, T, Sacrifice a Basic land: Search your library for a legendary land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control eight or more legendary lands, you win the game.