So to answer the question about Melchizar's collection, it's outside the cell and comprises the following:

Dalvarite Chosen One

Torc of Power Preservation
Cognizance Crystal (13)
Gloves of Object Reading
Ioun Stone (Rainbow)
Skin of the Hero

Eladrin Prince

Bone Ring
+5 called full plate armour of energy immunity. Special: if the wearer has the Servant of the Heavens, Favoured of the Companions or Knight of Stars feat, they gain Fast Healing 3
Armor Crystal: Adaptation, Greater

Guaven the Thrice Damned

+5 brutal surge berserker greataxe
Special: cursed
Special: 1/day cast Stoneskin (CL 15)
Special: 1/week if the wielder drops below 0hp, triggers both Heal and Confusion (no save)

+5 breastplate