@5ColouredWalker: I didn't miss it, but I overlooked the last portion. Previous post reference to path of war and intimidate were intended for your questions.

That's the second person who read a minimum of 10 levels. I don't see where I said that, if I did I mistyped and apologize. 10 RHD+LA combined is the maximum as a rule. Minimum is 3, but 5 would be better. The 3-5 can include LA from templates.

Generally I'm not fond of the 3.5 fighter or even pathfinder fighter. Not so much with monster boosts, but they can be very underpowered. If you want beatstick I'd try at least for a tier three balance point. (Warblade20 is perfectly fine)

Leadership and friends are on the ban list. Partly too powerful, more importantly slows the game too much with 5+ people. Wild cohort or animal companion is fine if you want a decent mount.