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    [Tauron's Temple]

    Tauron just stares at her for a moment. "That..." He eventually beings. "Does that mean you're about to reproduce or that you might reproduce? In either case, that must be great news, right? Though please clarify in case I'm being dumb. Biological reproduction is not my forte."
    [Tauron's Temple]

    Ilpholin has to take a moment to process Tauron's question in return. "Uh... reproduction has happened and now we're just waiting the process out until it comes to term? I think? It has happened for sure though. That much is certain. I was actually hoping for your expertise regarding the baby's health and my upgrades. To make sure they don't interfere with each other or anything." Though her expectations on Tauron's usefulness in regards to being a doctor for this pregnancy has dwindled considerably.

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    The Triple B

    Seeing her chance for a free drink disappear, the halfling's quick to correct herself. "Well, I mean, I know this place better than you do, and you lose nothing by asking me first, since I'm right here. So why don't you try me? You never know, I might be able to help you."
    [The Triple B]

    Reinholdt frowns, clearly dubious. "Maybe." He takes a quick swig of his rum before starting. "I'm looking for someone here that would have a spider and slash or a breeding fetish. I know a drider who is in season and pretty desperate to give a lucky woman some eggs. I promised to help. Know anyone like that?"

    ... He better finish off that rum and order another one. He's absolutely not drunk enough for this. Man, he wishes he had some of that stuff Faith had. That was the good booze.
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    Gods, Reinholdt was right, a hundred percent right.
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    Reinholdt had already told the truth once in that post, and therefore was over his annual quota.