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As compared to what? Earlier editions of D&D?

I had a "What do you want changed for 6th edition" thread planned. But since this is here I'll throw in my biggest (which is not to say most likely) hope for future editions of D&D. I want combat to be sped up even more. The best combats I have ever been in took 6 roles to resolve. That would be a very short combat in D&D. For all the great moments that have happened in combat, there seems to always be an excess of rounds of waiting for those moments to come. Maybe getting rid of the "you will fight multiple (usually meaningless) fights a day" culture that surrounds the game would help.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty unlikely idea. Combat is part of the core of D&D and in my mind to its detriment in a few cases. But not everyone agrees with that.
My BHD party, we could complete combat in just a few rolls (initiative, a few PCs get to attack, done) and very little time (everybody knew the rules & their characters, and took their turns quickly). We'd breeze through combat so quickly, the limiting factor was how long it took the GM to set up the board. We could (probably, I never counted) have dozens of fights per session - which was good, because we often went several sessions of murdering monstrous civilizations like they were humans per in-game day / before we would stop to rest.

So, for us, 3e sounds like your dream of 6e.

Still, I agree with the post that I failed to quote, that moving away from x/day resources would be a good idea.