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Thread: What's A Hero Means To You?

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    A gyro is a kind of Greek sandwich meat, that gets mistaken for Hero because of mispronunciation :3

    A hero is one who is heroic. That may sound simplistic, but given how diverse and ubiquitous a "hero" is in today's literature and pop culture, that is essentially the only objective statement that can be said.

    I suppose it's kind of zen in a way.

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    Fred Rogers - I advise you all to search for and watch a clip with Fred Rogers testifying before congress in defense of PBS. That man was a TITAN. He cut though all the politics like they were nothing. Also look up the clip where they tried to prank Fred Rogers . . . he just rolled with EVERYTHING!
    Wait, Mr. Rogers? As in Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood?

    How did I enter a conversation about heroes and forget Mr. Rogers?!
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