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Thread: What I hope they do for 6e DnD

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    For 6e I'd like them to actually test and develop the add-on subsystems that they promised for 5e. Strongholds, domains, sea adventures, planar adventuring, etc., instead of wanting me to pay WotC for downloads of fan made materials.

    I'd like a system where 20th level, super genius, archmages didn't fail an average 'know something about magic' check 15% of the time. Where a 6 Int ape can't make that same roll 20% of the time. Where high level characters make all their saving throws more often than they did at first level, rather than just one or two saves getting better.

    I'd like for it to be a system where we don't still get 12+ page threads on different interpretations of stealth and invisibility rules three years and several errata versions after release. Where I never feel like getting to roll a check is some sort of failure. Where a melee weapon attack, a melee attack with a weapon, and an attack with a weapon in melee aren't mechanically different and I don't have to care if the word 'attack' is capitalized or not.

    I'd like for there to be honest and useful sections for DMs in the adventures that tell them if the adventure is good for beginner DMs and/or players. That tell the DM how much work they'll have to do to make the adventure usable. That at least some of the adventures are made to be usable outside of one world setting without massive rewrites.
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