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8f that's used to say something about a character, sure. If it's thrown in without consideration for how reality is, or thrown in because a company paid for it? That argument goes out the window. James Bond driving a Ford doesn't say anything about his character or sudden MI6 budget constraints, but rather that Ford dropped some cash.
Like I said, very fine line.

I mean, I have a little bit of it myself, given this very board's rules. I will often talk (usually to ponythread) about this and that I've done for work and sometimes show it off (e.g, I'll happily tell you I spent fifteen years working on my starship rules, Accelerate and Attack, before finally publishing 'em), but I've never actually linked anything to my website or webshop or anything, because would be, like, advertising. It's a hard line to walk, though; at what point does merely seeing the thing itself or mentioning it count as advertising? Made harder by these days, business and brands tend to be so damn touchy about their image that just "it's in the background" isn't enough for them, they sort of want it in the foreground where it shouldn't be - the free publicity for it just existing on-screen doesn't seem to be acceptable, it seems.