Graitore didn't like what he saw as they headed forward. The people were in disarray and just as likely to run into danger as they were to run out of it. Mass panics were like fire, if left unchecked they would spread and become even more dangerous. Graitore felt that he had to put out this games fire quickly knowing that quick action was the best solution when tragedy occurred.

Looking out, he began to pick out the guards and soldiers that were in the streets. His mind worked as fast as he could to create an effective plan. He had to reunite the lawmen of Totra so that they could efficiently evacuate the people they swore to protect.

"You there! Grab any soldiers you can find we have to assist the people! he quickly fell into the tambor of military yelling to ensure that he was heard and followed as he barked out order after order. "Keep on the lookout for anyone who might have fallen they'll get trampled by other citizens! Form a rear guard! I want search teams! You're gonna earn your keep today boys!!"

profession soldier to organize proper evacuation (1d20+11)[27]