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Another dissonance question: if a cherub's attuned gets harmed, they get dissonance. If a cherub is attuned to someone and they get injured (say, shot) but aren't fatally wounded, they'd get a point. If that person later died in the same scene/event (due to blood loss or other reasons), would they get another point?
I can see that as GM-dependent.

Not asking for this game, but for a plot point in the real life game I'm running. Setting up an NPC for a "might fall, might not" based on how PCs react to him, after one of his attuned get killed in a shooting. I know I could DM fiat his dissonance and what happens, but I feel like letting the dice impact it.
And gonna roll a couple d666s for him to see if he's Outcast.
Damaging a Cherub's attuned target isn't guaranteed to generate dissonance. Otherwise every paper cut would be a threat. Non-fatal injuries are only dissonant for Cherubim if they represent a betrayal of their ideals. Did the Cherub try their best to protect the attuned? Then failing to do so isn't itself dissonant.