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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Nowhere View Post
    and then there's another guy with whom I play chess. ok, no super deep friendship here, basically a gaming buddy, but on different games. incidentally, summer chess tournaments last one week and there is only one game per day, the rest of the day we hang around. So it's still much more than "I just play with this guy".
    My customers are my students, and while I can be friendly with them (the ones who are not misbehaving during my lessons, at least) and I am certainly fond of them, they are a different thing altogether.
    I'm going to draw attention to these two quotes in particular, because they are very stark and obvious proof of what I've been on about: You do not understand how friendly business relationships can be. The idea that a GM/player relationship - paid or not - is anything like a teacher/student relationship is absurd. Yes, a teacher being friendly with students is a different thing altogether from what I'm talking about. Your insistence that what I'm talking about must be equivalent to such a relationship is the entire problem. No, my relationship with my clients is not like that, and so long as you continue to insist that it must be, we are going to continue not getting along.

    You are taking everything I say and assume the very worst possible out of it.
    You keep verifying that everything I think about you is, in fact, totally accurate. The comparisons you draw between my group and your classroom, or groups comprised of total strangers, make it repeatedly clear that you are unable to grasp how my group functions, constantly insistent that it can't be the same as yours, no matter how many times you describe your group and I say "yeah, that's basically the same." You insist that there has to be some difference - there's not.

    those three are those I was referring to, because I was taking for granted that we all understood that I was close buddy with many of them,
    You took for granted that everyone agreed on the point of contention? The best case interpretation of that is that you are so unable to get out of your own perspective that you completely failed to understand what the disagreement is even about.

    You know nothing about me and about any of my groups, yet you come here pretending to know stuff about me that I don't.

    You also seem unable to tell the difference between being friendly in a working environment, and being friendly because you are intentionally choosing to spend time with those people.
    Again: Other way around. My clients choose to spend time with me, and I choose to spend time with them. You compare this to a situation in which students are required by law to attend your classes. Depending on the specifics of the school system you're working in, they might not even have the choice to pick another teacher over you, let alone the choice to not bother with class at all and play Carcassonne instead.

    Yes, statistics. Statistics only apply to large numbers and averages. Statistics on the general population do not apply to this forum, because the guy who posts in the gitp forum is not the average gamer.
    The conversation you are quoting was not about the forum. It was about the general population.

    I do hope you are more polite towards your customers.

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