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So you may have a group with a veteran player who knows the game inside and out, and a new player with little tactical and rules aptitude. Say the new player wants to play a wizard, and the veteran player then makes a fighter who is theoretically a little worse not to overshadow the new player. However, turns out that the new player has trouble choosing the "correct" spells and so on, and fails to contribute as much as the other players and has less fun because of that. An easy way of improving the situation is for example to let the new player get all the magic items with big effects, making it easier for that player to contribute. That evens the playing field for the players, but is actually making the character imbalance bigger.
I have seen problems based on differing player abilities. But i have never seen them solved this way.

If a veteran player proves way more effecive then the rest, he is usually able to either adjust his tactics to the rest of the group or become some kind of group strategist. He might play a weak character in the next campaign, but nerfing this one ? Can't remember that ever being asked for or done.

And if a player is particularly bad at using his character abilities, the obvious solution is not to make the character stronger. It is to make the character easier to use, which i have seen many times.