I agree with the not-CoC comments here, based totally on what I think you're (Quertus) wanting. It is perhaps my second favorite RPG of all time and it does have my favorite/the best investigation skill framework and design intent, but I don't think its a good fit here.

If you're willing to go with old/out of print (but still accessible in plenty of ways)/rebooted games I would recommend the original game intended to portray the Van Helsings of the world protecting mankind by hunting down the terrible creatures of the night...Chill. It was certainly quick to learn and easy to play, presented an array of critters and the capability to make more, and it doesn't carry any of the wrongheaded misconceptions about CoC.

I don't have any experience with the 2015 Growling Door Games version, but the Pacesetter product was good, and the Mayfair revision seemed solid as well.

Good luck!

- M