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    [Ground Floor]

    A certain half-human enters the party. Yes! You guessed it, it's Holly the Half-ElfTM. (Unless you didn't guess it. Then, too bad.)

    She has make-up carefully applied on her face to make her look like a pretty convincing Magtok (if Magtok were a long-haired dark-skinned half-elf woman...) In fact, the make-up is so convincing that it looks like actual metal and the scars look like actual scars. Metallic on the left side, up to about her hairline. Glowing eye. Appropriate scars. Scratches on the metal to show wear and tear. She's got a long purple dress on, with a v-neck style.

    However, there are, of course, some flowers woven into her hair.
    That doesn't seem very Magtok-like, but then again who's to say if Magtok's hair were this long, he wouldn't have flowers in it?

    To be honest, she doesn't really like the hostess of this party. Probably some trivial reason. However, she figures coming here would be a good opportunity to find out what she's up to, and then maybe laugh at her for it.

    She heads to the elevator, ignores the large red button, and heads to the adults' floor.

    [Fourth Floor]

    Oh, shoot, she's early!

    Holly awkwardly stands around the largely-empty room.
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