Doru dodges Sprocketbox's Frostbolt somewhat but splinters of ice embed themselves in his right eye. Blood droplets form, as some kind of bloody tears. That is when Kouran first lashes out at the enveloping shadow, then at the spawn itself. In all of that chaos, Kyran manages to catch his breath, calm down and shoot at the vampire. One last shot, precise, painless, professional.

You hit Doru in the temple. His head janks back, and first you think the vampire is standing again. He slumps down to his knees. How befitting that I die in darkness. Just the way I lived.

A barely noticable gust pulls Doru apart as dust specks form where his physical form once was. Slowly, like a marble statue eroded by a centuries of erosion, his physical form just blows apart.

Thank you heroes... you hear in the howling wind.