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    Quote Originally Posted by Johel View Post
    • Nizreph, the Whispering Dark, God of Forbidden Knowledge and Aberrations
    • ?????, ?????, Goddess of Undeath and Magic
    • Askarak, the Primordial King, God of Wilderness and Seas
    • Koharani, the Great Beast, God of Earth and Fire
    • Karakkus, the Gloomfeeder, God of Decay and Fungus
    • Myrallah, the Dreamer Beneath, Goddess of Dreams and Night
    • Joshun, the Steadying Hand, God of Crafts and Civilization
    Spoiler: Anast-Reya
    Title: Lady of Pacts, First Among the Dead
    Portfolio: Magic, Undeath, Pacts
    Agenda: Anast-Reya seeks to spread the use of magic throughout the world, and to encourage the spread of the undead. She abhors death, seeing it as the greatest of all evils, and offers to save those who are desperate enough. Yet she also abhors pride, and any who come to her seeking to outsmart or trick her will soon find their victory turning to ash. Death is an evil, yet it can also be an escape from the torment of an eternity of punishment.
    Appearance: A woman with sickly pale skin and white hair, middle aged with sunken, gaunt features who wears a cloak the colour of dark blood adorned with many charms and fetishes of bone, feathers, and teeth. She wields a dagger of bone in one hand, and offers the other out to those who ask.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johel View Post
    Forbidden Knowledges VS Magic
    What is what, how to we resolve the issue ?
    Magic is basically understanding how Creation works and subverting the rules.
    Doing it instinctively is one thing as the gods gave you that ability.
    But doing it "scientifically" could be seen as going too deep.
    If so, which wizards are governed by Forbidden Knowledges or by Magic ?

    Decay VS Undeath
    What is what, how to we resolve the issue ?
    We have to define what undeath is.
    Is it the mere animation of dead matter (aka corpses) into automatons ?
    Or is it the enslaving of departed souls ?
    Does it prevent decay ? And how does that make the god of decay feel ?
    Apologies for the lack of responses since my initial interest post. Things got busy and I've been too fatigued lately to plot up a big post of any kind. I've written up response to each of these two issues, and these are just my interpretations, which are always up to cooperation and hashing out, because that always makes for a better game and world in the end!

    Forbidden Knowledge VS Magic
    Magic is, yes, 'understanding how creation works and subverting the rules'. However, how does one do this?
    Anast-Reya's answer is: By calling out to powers beyond the ken of mortals for aid.
    Whether that means asking a particular god for aid by using some ritual or 'magic words' to invoke them, or it means contacting the spirits of the dead to do something for you, or asking the animating force of the wind to fill your sails, it is all about appeasing and beseeching the world around you for aid. There are limits to what a mortal can do, and to what magic can do.
    Forbidden knowledge may be trying to bypass this, to master and control the world on your own. Forbidden Knowledge could be learning how to teleport, or to resurrect the dead, or to do any number of things that the gods or the spirits of nature or the dead simply refuse to do. The God of Earth and Fire may decree that no mortal can cause a conflagration on the scale of a volcanic eruption, and it would then be forbidden knowledge to learn how to engulf an entire city in flames with a single utterance.
    Wizards may either seek forbidden knowledge, or learn the rituals and spells needed to supplicate and invoke the various spirits that inhabit and hold sway over the world, it is simply a matter of how they learn it.

    Decay VS Undeath
    This issue seems easier to solve, to me.
    Define undeath as: Stasis of the dead.
    Undeath means violating the natural law that things suffer entropy and decay over time. A zombie is a violation of the natural law that when something dies it stops moving. A ghost is a violation of the natural law that spirits move on to some afterlife when they die. Undeath simply means holding the spirit and/or body in a state of eternal stasis. It violates Decay simply by existing, because the undead do not feed the trees, they do not pass on, they exist to clog up the world around them and bring a halt to change.

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