For the resources you can either give them nothing but consumables and force them into situations where they have to use them or have a player who uses consumables regularly to good effect to "teach" them.
The other option is to talk to them ooc and explain how using consumables is often a more efficient use of wealth than buying a permanent item.

As for the retreat/15-minute day issue aside from a time limit you can also put them into situations where retreat is not an option.
A teleport trap that dumps them deep into a dungeon, being stranded on an island full of enemies or their enemies following them are all valid options.

Sure, Rope Trick etc. still allow resting anywhere (assuming they have access to it), but in that case you should warn them that giving enemies who know they're coming 8+ hours of preparation time is likely to bite them in the ass. And follow through if they insist on doing it anyway of course.
Also Rope Trick isn't exactly secure if your enemies know it's there and have casters of their own. Not an option you should overuse, but it exists.