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    Default Re: New Unearthed Arcana: Fighter, Ranger, Rogue (October 17th)

    Love the themes of all the subclasses.

    I feel like people are really underselling the Rune Knight's power. The Hill and Storm runes are both really strong abilities. You get a slightly weaker Rage with fewer caveats, and among other things, the ability to Heighten people's spells as a reaction for a minute. Two quite strong (and incredibly versatile in the latter's case) abilities per short rest, plus Giant Might (kinda like the offensive component of Rage plus Large size) twice per long rest. Then you get poison resistance and one of the benefits of Alert, as well as lesser items like advantage on Arcana and some minor proficiencies. At level 3. I think that surpasses any of the current Fighter subclasses by a fairly large margin. And it's not like it tapers off either. At 7 you get an at-will reaction boost to AC based on intelligence (though interestingly it does not have text like Shield to indicate you would be able to know the roll first), which I would put as equal to or better than the Light Cleric's Improved Flare. The 10th level ability is not much, since it's mostly a small improvement to Giant Might and a 4th rune, but 15 and 18 both pretty much double the effectiveness of each of your core abilities.

    Swarmkeeper is really fun-sounding, but honestly feels a little limited. Faerie Fire on a Ranger could be pretty potent when combined with the Gathered Swarm and Sharpshooter. Scuttling Eyes seems fun, though I don't see it as being worth a 3rd level spell slot in most cases. They probably could've lowered that cost and been fine.

    Rogue's a weird case because it's one of the only instances where you can deal damage as a bonus action without any restrictions on what your action can be (ie spells or TWF).

    New mechanics are always good. Things that operate off death saves, swappable skills, object-based powers, I like to see it.
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