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    Default Re: [DM challenge] What is the nastiest arena-style adventuring day you can create? L

    Hey Fable Wright, a couple of clarifying questions:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fable Wright View Post
    Pre combat: use Aid on all party members other than Samurai. Use Spirit Guardians at level
    What does "at level" mean here? Highest-available level, or minimum level?

    Arcane Trickster:
    Knows Absorb Elements, Web, Mirror Image
    Cantrips: Booming, Greenflame Blades.
    Dex 20/Int, Cha 16/others 10
    If there's a group of 3+ enemies, Web
    If not in sneak attack range, Mirror Image or Hideous Laughter
    Otherwise, cantrip and SA.
    Does the Arcane Trickster have any restrictions on how tough the opposition needs to be before pulling out his Web? I'm just concerned that he might run dry after only two combats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fable Wright View Post
    Samurai: kill things with Sharpshooter or rapier.
    Dex 20/Con, Wis 16/others 10
    What equipment configuration does he have? Plate armor + hand crossbow? Studded leather + hand crossbow? I presume he'll never switch to rapier + shield configuration because that costs a round, only rapier + hand crossbow (as bonus action attack, if pre-loaded last round). Also, does he have Crossbow Expert or only Sharpshooter? Does he even move at all in an attempt to tank for the Evoker or Arcane Trickster, or just stand there and calmly shoot things?
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