Kars4Kids was my number 1 hated ad in the world for a while. I would actually mute the radio or change the station when one would come one. Their earlier ads especially just felt like they were monotonous, like the people singing the song had no soul. There was no enthusiasm to their voice, and each musical word sounded like it was a labor to utter. It made me feel dead inside to listen to it.

Now it's Hilton ads. For some reason, they've got generic, perky female voice #3 doing an obviously scripted, manufactured awkward-cute story about things, but for some reason they feel the need to add random car horns in the background. Why? There is nothing in the ad about cars or being stuck in traffic. It's just car horns randomly going off, as if they want to associate their hotel with the atmosphere of the most stressful, anger-inducing frustration known to motorists. I don't get it. It just gives me anxiety that there's something on the road I need to watch out for, and I don't appreciate it.