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    Default Re: The Necromancer's Pact VIII: The Rising Tide

    Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

    "Where are the others?" Achkby pesters Tiriel as she leads him back, "Where are they? How are they? Aeroz? Thokk?"
    He tries his best not to sound like a petulant child, but his bravo is wearing thin.

    When they return to the others, he hurries towards Aeroz, babbling out the same story he told Tiriel.
    "I don't know what to do!"

    When the druid and Trinark disappear into the darkness, Achkby makes to follow them. But in the darkness, his eyes are weak, and so is his heart. He stops after only a few paces, enveloped in depthless blackness.
    He is stuck, wanting to go on but paralyzed with fear. He doesn't know what's out there, that's the thing... that fish...
    But how can he go back to the others? How can he leave those two to go after Lissa and the others, Lissa, Thokk, and Lumpy, and just abandon them?

    His head wins out in the end. Or so he'll tell himself. In the dark, what can he do to help? And who will go to the Iron Lord? That's what he was paid to do, after all... That doesn't matter!!! But going on, going on is the right thing to do, not going back after the wom-- after a gnome.

    Achkby scampers back to Tiriel and the spellcasters, a terrified look on his face.
    "CAN'T WE JUST GO?!" he shouts miserably.
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