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    Default Re: The Necromancer's Pact VIII: The Rising Tide

    Tiriel, Katrin, Achkby, Aeroz and Callos climb to higher ground, followed reluctantly by Elthan. Together, they weave between stalagmites cautiously. Katrin's everburning torch provides enough illumination to see the immediate surroundings, but little else.

    A flash of blue-white light and an electrical zzrack!! behind them tells them that someone is casting lightning bolt, presumably at an aboleth.

    Almost immediately after, they hear a bestial roar that could only come from the lizardman. Elthan turns back and shouts back in a foreign tongue, "ssah - thee - yah!!!"


    Leaping down off of the pillar he had been clinging to, the lizardman tackles Trinark and drags the drow back the way he had come, away from the pool of water and the abomination's mind tricks.

    Trinark's brow is furrowed in pain, which seems to lessen the farther the druid drags him from the pool. The lizardman hears his name being called by Elthan. No aboleth could possibly know it. His friends are up ahead.


    Adalmar clings to the stone, trying to ignore the pain. His nostrils are filled with the scent of charred meat. A wave of nausea washes over him as he realizes that the smell is his own burned flesh. With his torch extinguished, Adalmar is surrounded by total darkness. Another blast like the first spells certain death. The ranger can only hope that his friend-turned-enemy can't see in the dark ...


    Khazrael fights against the aboleth's commands ... kill the human, kill the human, kill the human, kill the human ...

    Resistance proves to be futile ... or does it?

    OOC: Khazrael can make three DC 17 Will saves at +2 to resist the aboleth. At the end of those three rounds (if he fails), he will find Adalmar and kill (in all likelihood) him. Adalmar has three rounds to do ... something.
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