"Oh, that I don't miss. You need to travel some more, young man. Solamnia's a fine place, but that arrogance is one of the reasons we tend to be disliked away from home. As if it's the only bright spot in a dark an dismal world. We've been lucky in many things, friend Jason. That's all."
"I haven't been in South Shore long, but from what I've seen so far, they have far more in common with the Solamnics than they probably care to admit," Jason comments, remembering how quick that mob was to go all 'torch and pitchfork' on that sleeping giant. It reminded him all too well of the atrocities he witnessed while serving the Solamnic Knights. That deep, uncritical hatred of anything 'other' or different that seems to have lasted since the days of Istar.

"Sanction is a jewel all its own, and I've come to appreciate it. Taken a local to wife."
"Sanction, up in Taman Busuk?" he asks. "I've never been, but I've heard stories of how much it's changed since I was a kid. I might like to see it some day. Your wife lives up there then? Do you get to see her much, with so much time spent on the road?" he asks.

"As for Estwilde north of us? Nah. There's nothing there worth risking your life over. Ancient roads swallowed up by swamps and caravans swallowed up by dragons."
Jason almost chokes on his beer. "Dragons?! Not like the Overlords, I hope? I heard they were all wiped out."