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    Default Homebrewing a spell. Need help balancing it. Called "Void"

    Hi all!

    Recently my DM handed out sheets of paper with alternate ways for each class system to gain xp outside of combat. Was really exciting to see. Like Fighters could gain XP by assessing arms and armor, while Clerics could gain XP by preaching of their God to willing listeners. Really fun. One of the things my DM put down for Arcane Casters is Creating a New Spell. As I am trying to make my character as Utility based as possible I decided to test my creativity and came up with this.

    Level: Sor/Wiz 4
    Components: V, S
    Casting time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Object/Area Touched 20 cu ft + 5 cu ft / 2 Levels
    Duration: 1 Min + 1 Min / 2 Levels
    Saving Throw: Will / Reflex
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    Caster causes touched area and anything inside area to become Frictionless and Weightless. Upon casting caster shapes chooses which areas are effected as long as it's within accepted target range. Any creature caught inside the spell upon cast may make a Will Save to avoid becoming Frictionless and Weightless itself. Any creature starting it's round inside affected area must make a reflex save or else be forced to move uncontrollably in a straight line from where they are facing until out of affected area. This will expend creatures move action. Upon entering affected area creatures must make a reflex save or else move in a straight line starting from which they are facing until out of effected area. This will expend creatures move action.

    Creatures and objects Frictionless and Weightless themselves will move in a straight line starting from where they are facing if they try to use their move action. If something outside forces comes into contact with said creature or object they will constantly move in the opposite direction of force that came into contact with them/it. Creatures and objects in motion will stay in motion until they either leave the affected area. the spell runs out, or run into something that hinders their progression of movement in previously stated direction.

    Creatures and objects affected by this spell have a 25% chance to avoid any physical attack as it could slide right off them.

    Creatures and objects in motion move at their base speed per round. If no base speed exists base speed will be 5 ft per round. Each round the creature or object stays in motion it will gain +5 ft of extra movement thus allowing them or it to move further. Any creature that comes to a halt will take 1d6 points of damage for each 10 ft over 40 ft per round it is going upon stopping.

    If a creature or object is launched into the air because of this spell it continues in a straight line losing 5 ft of speed each round. Upon reaching 0 Speed it will start to descend back to the world at a rate of 5 ft + 5 extra ft per round. Falling speed is maxed at 60 ft per round as if under the effects of feather fall.

    Do items falling at a max rate of 60 ft per round need saving throws?
    Should I put in a clause for grappling while under the effects of this spell?
    How does non magical flight work with this spell?
    This spell started in the DnD 3.5 area so I will be using this for that edition and game.
    Changed target from ft to cu ft as it encompasses everything within each 5x5 ft block. (DM pointed this out)
    Added misnomer so people know they can shape the targeted area as if stone shape. (DM pointed this out)
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