Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Its finally happened, and no book, TV show, or movie could prepare you. The dead have risen. This is a new tabletop RPG based around, you guessed it, ZOMBIES. Combining familiar elements of previous RPGs, and the flare of a new, simplified combat system, "Z-20" allows players to create their own unique characters to survive the zombie apocalypse. Survivors and Zombie masters alike will be chomping at the brain to get into the action. From creating a deep and detailed backstory, trying to just live out the day, to rolling up meat for the slaughter house, and see how many hordes you can take out before you too are zombie food. Grab some dice, grab some friends, and see how long you last.

The Basics
Using the character sheet, roll up a survivor, fine tune it with your ZM to make it someone you
Think could make a living at the end of the world. Remember, these are not heroes in some comic book or action movie, they are average, every day people put in a very extraordinary situation. They went to work (or didnít) just like everyone else, with families, friends, and goals.

Start with Ö
*picking your stats, you have 9 points to start with (no more than 3 in any one stat at lvl 1)
*Figure out starting hit points (2d4 + your fitness score to start, 1D4 + fitness score every level up)
*2 Ability points at first level for Active moves/passive abilities, and 1 more every level up
*5 personal skills and 2 camp skills, multiple points can be put in the same skill to up its rank, but 1 is needed to become proficient.
*1 melee and 1 ranged weapon proficiency, (or go straight to specialty with one of them)

During combat each survivor, NPC, or zombie acts in order of their initiative. (d20+agility score)
Once its your turn you have 1 action for every 10 movement speed (base is 30). Actions can be used to move 10 feet, fire a ranged weapon, swing a melee weapon, interact with your environment, or use most active moves (some take more actions than others). If you have an action left at the end of your turn you can use it for a Defensive action, like "Active Defense", where you counter roll against your attacker for a better chance of evading damage, or wait for an enemy to move before you line up your shot.

Ability Points are gained every level and used to learn new passives or active moves. Passives are
abilities that you get that just work. They give things like bonus movement speed, or bonuses on skill checks. Active moves are abilities that you use in combat with your Encounter Points, for special attacks like double tap or judo throw, or quick bursts of an effect, like dead aim or heroic surge. Donít worry about spending those Encounter Points too much, they come back after a good night sleep.

Proficiencies are yet another way to make your survivor unique. Someone who was a doctor
before Z-Day would have medical skills and knowledge at their disposal that maybe a construction worker may not. Or you may run into a survivor that used to be a pastor at a local church that has left his faith behind to be a mean, lean, zombie killing soldier. Who you were before Z-Day only dictates what skills and abilities you had before, not what you are able to learn in the future.