Oh, Serafino thinks with a feeling of shock. " That's right. Magic. I guess it's time to Waaagh?

As much as he had promoted this, he was a person who appreciated order and planning. The Waaagh - if it was anything like the stories - was all about the power of the moment rolling over anything that challenged it no matter how little sense it made.

Serafino just couldn't fit in with something like that. But he had spent a thousand years unliving, and he wasn't an idiot, either. You didn't oppose some forces!

"We da biggest bosses! We da' biggest choppas! We da' Waaaaaaaagh!!

He shouts and cheers ...... and follows as they go, instead of actually charging with them.

And nods confidently at Death Fairy, and the audience watching. Plans. Effects. Reactions.

If you get caught by surprise, you use it to your advantage.