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    Default Re: Dragons of Alnia (IC) - Team 2 Beta test Encounter

    Brottor had just enough time to gather up the leftovers before he goes through the portal with the others, saying ”I’ll change the recipes as needed. It’s best to figure out what everyone likes after all!”

    In the gloomy world that was the instance he couldn’t help but grumble ”This place needs some greenery. When we get done I’m plantin some trees and the lich can deal.” He looked around and squished down in between some rocks, hiding himself as best as he could, and said ”I could ride along if no one else does, but I don’t have truesight and only have a decent perception. Couldn’t find any Brighteye in the garden when I logged in last.”

    Spoiler: Rolls
    Init: (1d20+6)[9]
    Stealth: (1d20+39)[42]
    Spoiler: Lurker applies to Stealth:
    Creatures using unusual forms of sensory perception such as blindsight, greensight, or tremorsense cannot automatically foil your use of Stealth; such creatures must make a Perception check as normal to detect you when you make use of the Stealth skill.
    Lurker foils divination spells and Divination sphere sense abilities in the manner described above, but has no effect on spell, sphere, spell-like, or supernatural abilities specifically used to uncover information about you rather than enhancing the user’s perception, such as when scrying or using the Divination sphere‘s divine abilities.

    Perception: (1d20+37)[57]

    Edit: After a few seconds of getting comfortable Brottor whispers ”I take that back. There’s insects and birds slowly gathering for us. About 300 feet out right now. We want to clear it out or leave it?”
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