The beast lets out it's otherworldly voice, but all Marambe can hear inside his head is "Kill it. Kill it. KiLL IT." And under the circumstances, the gorilla is happy to oblige. He keeps on thrashing about in the belly of the beast. If he sees an opening he'll step out this time and stand with the remaining Goboz.

Spoiler: Actions

Marambe was at 134 / 160 before punching.
Last full attack healed Marambe for 35, which put him back at full hp.

Marambe took 34 crushing damage (dr 6 / -)
Marambe took 20 acid damage (6 absorbed)
Marambe's fast healing heals him for 12

Marambe is at 118 / 160 before his full attack


Free: power attack for 1
Free: 5' step out to the east. Marambe should be able to share a square with the goblins since they're small.

Every hit heals Marambe for 7

MH1 - (1d20+14)[16]
Damage - (2d8+15)[22]

MH2 - (1d20+9)[17]
Damage - (2d8+15)[26]

OH1 - (1d20+14)[24]
Damage - (2d8+9)[24]

OH2 - (1d20+9)[18]
Damage - (2d8+9)[19]

Slam1 - (1d20+8)[16]
Damage - (1d8+9)[13]

Slam2 - (1d20+8)[14]
Damage - (1d8+9)[15]

If trampled: AOO
MH1 - (1d20+10)[15] (-4 from trample factored in)
Damage - (2d8+15)[21]
Bull rush - (1d20+25)[40]
If into wall:
Damage - (8d6+33)[62]