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    Mind ablaze with fury over his having been controlled, he acts with renewed vigor.

    "ADALMAR! Come with me if you feel like living!"

    He doesn't see Adalmar as he rushes down the stalagmite, and doesn't spend more than an instant waiting for him. "Just get away from the water!"

    ...Heedless of whether Adalmar is fleeing with him or not, Khazrael begins to shout as he crashes through the maze of stone. "LISSA! LUMPY! THOKK! Listen to my voice! Come to the lightning!"

    ((OOC: Khazrael doesn't have a chance in hell of seeing Adalmar, so he's running ahead of him and using his darkvision and memory of the area from the previous night's brief exploration to get away from the water and lead Adalmar, should he follow, away. Once he gets far enough from the water for his headache to die down, he's going to run that much further and then fire a lightning bolt straight up (at a slight angle to avoid being hit by any debris from the cieling) as a flare to call the others to him.))
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