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Thread: Custom Erfworld Icons and Wallpaper

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    Lightbulb Custom Erfworld Icons and Wallpaper

    Note: There is a thread in Arts and Crafts where you can request an Erfworld style avatar, drawn just for you. There is also an Avatar Adoption Center for homeless avatars (mostly OotS style).

    Hi all! I made some new Erfworld icons. What can I say...I realized that some of the most popular characters didn't have one of their own...that, and I got bored while my Internet connection was down.

    Please upload them to your own picture hosting account before using them. I don't want to host other people's avatars. Also, all I did was crop, resize and/or flip Jamie's art, so all credit goes to Rob and Jamie. Please give them credit.

    Update! I made a banner for giving proper credit to Rob and Jamie for all of the derivative works in this thread. I think that I've covered everything needed to abide by the Creative Commons License that they're using. If you use it then please make it a hyperlink to the first page of the comic like I did. The code for doing that and an alternate version of the banner are in the spoiler tag.

    Of course, please upload the above banner to your own image host and substitute that URL for my photobucket URL in the following code.

    IMG Code

    HTML Tag
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

    If you use the version without the URLs then please include both links in some other way, such as by linking to one with the banner and including the other link in accompanying text.

    I removed most of my originals because Steve did such an awesome job with them later in the thread, optimizing them for avatarness, that I recommend using his versions instead. Be sure to check out the huge gallery that he hid inside a spoiler tag there!

    I removed most of the rest of my originals because I remade them using techniques that I learned later. Ansom's "end the turn" pose now comes both framed and with a clear background, as do some others. Parson's exasperated face is the only one that I won't be remaking unless someone specifically requests it, so I hid it inside a spoiler tag.




    Here's a spoilerized gallery of 100x100 versions for non-GitP forums:

    If you're not hip to editing images like that and there's a specific one that you want for an avatar, post here and I'll see what I can do. I'm not currently taking requests, sorry.

    Finally, here are links to all of my wallpapers from downthread, moved up for your convenience!

    Wanda - 1280x800
    Wanda - 1280x960
    Wanda - 1280x1024

    Dwagons - 1280x800
    Dwagons - 1280x960
    Dwagons - 1280x1024
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    My avatar is a remix that I made of Prince Ansom. Resource credit:

    Snag some Erfworld avatars and backgrounds, make some lolerfs and motivators (or demotivators), read my Erfworld fanmix, or check out my latest spotlight on an under-discussed webcomic: Head Trip (Scilight #13)!