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    Default Re: The Necromancer's Pact VIII: The Rising Tide

    Aeroz agrees to wait for a little longer, though having a torch burning in the middle of the cavern seems to be just begging for trouble ...

    Miraculously, the lizardman and drow reappear. The druid seems to be half-dragging, half-carrying his drow friend who beats ineffectively against the lizardman's hide with his bare fists. It takes a minute before both of them can be convinced that the other is not under the mind control of the aboleths.

    Shortly thereafter, Khazrael straggles in, looking dazed.

    And finally, after another minute or two, Adalmar approaches, carrying a torch of his own. The ranger keeps looking behind him, in case he is being followed. The ranger is badly wounded, having been seared by a lightning bolt. Adalmar's eyes fall on Khazrael and his lips tighten with anger ...

    Thokk's and Lumpy's whereabouts remain unknown. Also lost are Fizahn and Lissa. Taking a quick head count, you realize that Yix isn't here either. Where could the pseudodragon be?


    Suddenly desperate images pop into your heads. It takes a moment to orient yourself, then you realize that you are seeing through Yix's eyes ...

    Lissa stands ankle deep in the stream, motionless before a flickering pattern of lights dancing in the air before her. Lumpy approaches slowly from downstream, his boots splashing in the water.

    Yix/you soar forward towards Lumpy, you can hear your/Yix's voice in your/Yix's ears - a hiss of warning.

    Just before you/he reach Lumpy, the half-orc shimmers and drops his disguise, seeming to blossom into the enormous form of an aboleth. A tentacle reaches out and slaps you/Yix before you/he can react.

    The loud piercing scream echoes in your/Yix's head and doubly rebound as you hear the scream in your actual ears, delayed by a few microseconds.

    You/Yix hit the ground. From the ground, you see Lissa shake herself out of her stupor. Seeing the aboleth before her, she shrieks (which you again hear twice - once in Yix's head, then a split second later in your own) and scrambles backwards upstream.

    You/Yix turn back to see the aboleth approaching, like an enormous amphibious mountain. It lifts another tentacle slowly, then drops it down upon you like a hammer ...

    The link is broken. You quickly re-orient yourself. The screams seemed to come from just up ahead.

    Dashing forward, you stop short just before a sharp dropoff. Below you is a tributary of the stream. You see Lissa scrambling on her hands and knees, splashing in the water, trapped in the gully. The frightened gnome is about 30 feet below you.
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