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    Quote Originally Posted by K2 View Post
    Very Very Pretty. I like them all so much, however since you made the suggestion, I am going to make a request. Page 39, panel 10: Lord Tool dropping his spoon. I think that that would make an awesome avatar.
    Thanks. And again, I really like what you did.
    You're welcome!

    Wow, that was a tricky one. It's a very narrow panel so I made a 70x120 version; it won't necessarily work at other sites but it'll work here. You can see the problem in the zoomed out square version; it has to include some of the space between panels to include the cutlery without cutting off too much of his head. Also, he's facing our left in the original, but the rectangular one has the "clunk" effect so I left it unflipped. Finally, when I flip it then he's eating with his left hand and that looks weird to me, so I also made non-flipped versions of the other two.

    Also, I forgot to mention in my first post: if you're a GitP veteran then you know that Rich doesn't want people cropping his strips into avatars. Rob and Jamie have a different policy on that and (unless I totally misread that post) this kind of use is okay with them.
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