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    Quote Originally Posted by Scientivore View Post
    Hi all! I made some new Erfworld icons. What can I say...I realized that some of the most popular characters didn't have one of their own...that, and I got bored while my Internet connection was down.

    Please upload them to your own picture hosting account before using them. I don't want to host other people's avatars. Also, all I did was crop, resize and/or flip Jamie's art, so all credit goes to Rob and Jamie. Please give them credit.

    If you're not hip to editing images like that and there's a specific one that you want for an avatar, post here and I'll see what I can do.
    Nice. I may try my hand at that if I can resolve a few technical problems. (Wanda Firebaugh is naughty. Corel's Tech Support department is evil.)
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