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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveMB View Post
    Nice. I may try my hand at that if I can resolve a few technical problems. (Wanda Firebaugh is naughty. Corel's Tech Support department is evil.)
    IrfanView is free, lightweight and fast. It doesn't have multiple undo, multiple layers or fancy tools...which is exactly why I prefer it if I'm just chopping up and resizing someone else's images.

    The Next Day
    I've added the other two main aspect ratios of the Wanda wallpaper. One of the three will probably work for you though you might need to scale it up or down.

    Wanda - 1280x800
    Wanda - 1280x960
    Wanda - 1280x1024

    Also, I've created a new wallpaper juxtaposing two dwagon flight scenes: the one where the green dwagon is seen from below as Wanda flies back to Gobwin Knob with Manpower and the one where Jillian's hat is falling as the red dwagon carries her off in its mouth. So far it's just in one size.

    Dwagons - 1280x960

    Good night!
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