Khazrael sees the approaching multi-colored lights, but shakes off their effects. Without waiting to see if Lissa again falls prey to the hypnotic pattern, he wraps his arms about the small gnome and bodily drags her up out of the ravine, where waiting arms pull her to safety.

Retreating somewhat from the edge of the ravine, you reassess your options.

There is at least one aboleth (presumably) back the way you came, and one down in the ravine. Lumpy, Thokk, and Fizahn are missing. Yix is in all likelihood dead (judging from his last mental image).

Adalmar's eyes peer as far as the torchlight allows. Though his ranger skills are primarily honed for the plains and forests of the Great Dale, he is able to pick out a promising trail that leads away from either potential danger.

Moving onward as rapidly as light and terrain allow, you move away from the stream, choosing as parallel an eastward course as you can.


At one point, someone notices that the lizardman is no longer with the party. It appears that at some point, the druid slipped away, presumably to try to rescue his "packmates" left behind. Although this only adds to the sadness and discouragement many of you feel, everyone understands that this was something that the lizardkin druid felt he had to do ...