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Thread: Custom Erfworld Icons and Wallpaper

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    Well. That was very educational. Awright, here's my first foray into the wild and woolly world of form-fitting selection and transparent backgrounds! I had to do some touch-up at the pixel level because the "magic" selection tools in Photoshop Elements are almost as disappointing as Stanley's "perfect" warlord. This is as good as I can get it at my current skill level (total novice).

    (84x120 GIF) (84x120 PNG)

    For this one, set the Custom Avatar Width to 84 and the Custom Avatar Height to 120. If you're curious, the image is from the last panel of Page 31. If you had your heart set on a particular pose, tell me which page and panel and I'll give it another shot (I should've asked first).

    Edit: Added a black border on the bottom and a link to a PNG version.
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