"EEEEEEEEE!" A frightened shriek is about as coherent as Lissa is going to get right now. She flails ineffectually against Khazrael's grip for a few moments before the brain kicks in and she realizes that this is, indeed, an ally. Or at least he looks like one. Well, if he were a... a... Slimy Blob Of Doom... he would've eaten me by now, right? Right. So it really is Khazrael. Whew. As the stronger members of the party pull the pair to safety, they notice that Lissa has her crossbow out and loaded despite the damp. Looks like she was expecting trouble- up until the appearance of the pretty pretty lights, anyway.

After a minute or two of sobbing, incoherent babbling, and frenzied hugging of any and all party members (except Elthan; evidently he's still on the 'to kill someday' list), Lissa finally manages to calm down enough to tell everyone what happened. "I know now I was being really stupid, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time..." She sighs, pulling off a boot and pouring water out of it as she talks. "I heard the crying, figured it was some sort of illusion, and thought it was a swirfneblin or duergar playing tricks. So like the overconfident fool I was, I decided to find the illusionist and... ah... convince him to stop." Lissa won't look up at anyone, her voice filled with self-loathing and regret. "Stupid little gnome, walked right into the trap. I've seen that hypnotic pattern spell before, you know; we use it in several perimeter traps back home. Didn't save me from getting caught in it though. And then..." Her voice chokes up, and she covers her face with her hands. "Lumpy- except it wasn't him, it was some sort of blob-monster making itself look like him- the Lumpy lookalike came walking up to me, and Yix flew down and hissed at it, and the blob killed him!" Lissa's voice slowly scales up to a wail. "I couldn't do anything! I couldn't even move until Yix screamed!"