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    He does his best to pretend that his injuries are all he cares about... until he gets to Khazrael. With a ringing sound, his sword comes free, and he points it at Khazrael's chest.

    "I think it wasn't really you back there, and I hope you are not possessed anymore. I don't pretend I understand those magics, but know that I'll be watching you."

    A short conversation ensues, and Adalmar seems to get the assurances he wants. He nods sharply at the sorcerer : forgiven, but not forgotten.

    Taking a wand out, he alleviates the lingering pain of the burns. He gasps in relief.


    He finds himself at the back of the group. He can only guess what happens, another of Khazrael's reckless rescue attempts.

    But when he sees Lissa coming back up, he can't help the small smile that comes to his face - despite all those senseless deaths, those people he will mourn before he ever got to know them.

    Kir pecks his neck gently, and he looks up to find his disheveled companions. Hey, we are all lost. Perhaps I can provide some guidance...

    He gestures wordlessly to the path he thinks he can see.


    The lizardman's disparition is just another blow to his heart that he refuses to acknowledge.

    CLW (2 charges) : (1d8+1)[4] (1d8+1)[4]
    edit: okay, make that 3 or 4 charges - I'll roll them later
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