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Thread: Custom Erfworld Icons and Wallpaper

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    My Erfworld avatar gallery is attached to this post, and edited every so often as I add more and/or make improvements to existing ones. If you want to use any of them, please 1)host them using your own storage and bandwidth and 2)give proper credit to Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi for the original source.

    The main galleries are configured as a display of clickable thumbnails. Saving the image you see will give you the 100x100 pixel version; clicking on the link will give you the 117x117 pixel version.

    (There are a few non-square ones, with the exact dimensions linked to the 100-pixel-high and 117-pixel-high versions. You may need to specifically set the height and width on these so that the forum software doesn't stretch the image into a square.)

    The most recent ones in the main section and the text-remix section are displayed; the rest are spoiler-tagged to minimize visual clutter.

    Icon Gallery -- Recent Additions:

    Older Icons:


    I did a lot of variations on this one because the "writing" image is just so apropos for a forum/blog avatar:

    Non-Square Icons:

    The dimension on these may need to be specified (depending on the specific forum software) to avoid stretching.

    Animated Icons:

    EDIT: Note that the 8/6/07 revision to the GitP forum rules do not allow the use of animated avatars. I've kept them here for people to use elsewhere.


    (The mistress/prisoner one was an experiment to recreate the one from Rob's set from scratch and see how the results compared. The most significant difference is that mine has both the 100-pixel and 117-pixel version.)

    Text-Remix Icons:

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