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    Woah! Nice stealth additions there, SteveMB! I especially like that green dwagon.

    A few things about my wallpapers. First, the ones that I uploaded earlier are now the correct sizes. My Photobucket account upload settings were incorrect; I noticed it, fixed the settings and re-uploaded the files.

    Second, I finally got around to making the other two proportions of the Dwagons wallpaper, 1280x800 and 1280x1024. Here are all three links:

    Dwagons - 1280x800
    Dwagons - 1280x960
    Dwagons - 1280x1024

    Third, I tweaked the two larger versions of the Wanda wallpaper up above to be more visually balanced like the 1280x800 version. I'd originally prioritized source image scale and compromised the composition too much. The results didn't even meet my own standards. Bleh.

    Fourth, although some wallpapers didn't need to be redone, I re-encoded them anyway as 95% quality JPGs. There were originally some 90% quality JPGs in the mix. They weren't horrible or anything, it's just that you might want to resize them and the end result will look better if you start out with a higher-quality image.

    I've probably spent way too much work on these for the result...oh well. The file names are the same so if you downloaded one earlier, you may need to refresh -- or possibly <ctrl>-refresh, or even clear your cache -- to see the new version.
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